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About Stacey Wilson

I had a lot of wounds in my life.
I didn't know how to deal with the hurt.
I didn't know there was a way out.
I didn't know what to do.
I covered up a lot of pain, suffering, heart break and heartache with temporary fixes. 
Then God removed the bandages in my life!
If he did it for me, he will do it for you.
Stacey Wilson transforms a painful past into a powerful testimony. A survivor of physical and emotional abuse beginning at the age of four, she uses her personal experience to teach the message that God delivers. She credits her grandmother with teaching her the power of prayer. Stacey is a member of Refuge Temple Church in Columbus, Ohio, where she continues to nurture her teaching ministry. Stacey takes her ministry very seriously saying, “I’m thankful for every tear, every test and every hurt. My past hurts are an example to others about how awesome God really is. He is a deliverer.”      
     Stacey published her first book, No More Bandages! Survival Guide in 2012. Since then her ministry has grown and No More Bandages! is affecting change. Stacey’s recently published her second book, “I’m Top Shelf.” This book shares with you a child set up by God to be a witness and a voice for survivors.

Domestic Violence Monologue

Min. Stacey Wilson presenting her monologue about domestice violence at the Break Every Chain Conference (hosted by Kingdom Life Church, Pastor Mary Ellen Crutcher).   October, 2015
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