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I'm Top Shelf!

This book shares with you a child set up by God to be a witness and a voice for survivors. Stacey shares detailed stories of her own pain beginning at the age of four. Her story will touch your heart as you see her rise above all the obstacles set before her. God opened doors and did the impossible. I'm Top Shelf shows you the faith of a child and the awesome move of a delivering God.

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Survival Guide

The No More Bandages! Survival Guide gives the reader insight into removing the bandages that are set in your life. These bandages are there to keep you bound up instead of free. Stacey describes the Survival Guide as a resource for encouragement during a discouraging situation.​​Les Brown wrote the foreword: "It has been said that when things happen to you they can make you bitter or they can make you better. Stacey, using tried and proven spiritual steps, takes you beyond those two limited choices and by applying the word of God, she leads you down the straight and narrow road that leads to healing and forgiveness." Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach and Best-selling Author

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